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Sunday October 25, 2015

Aries March 21 to April 19
You have a beautiful aspect that sets the tone for the start of the week, an annual pairing of Venus and Jupiter. (This happened earlier this year in Leo, but that was unusual. Now these two benefic planets will meet in Virgo, in your house of work projects.) Clearly, all year you've been hitting home runs, and powerful VIPs have been impressed with your performance. Thanks to Venus and Jupiter's conjunction, you will see an increase in your paycheck, or see money from another source. The friendly full moon, October 27, will bring a salary matter to culmination, so be alert for opportunity within four days of the full moon. Of course, it always is wise to actually ask for a raise, rather than hope that it will be offered it - meet with your boss and show why you deserve it. If you interview elsewhere, the job offer will offer generous compensation. On Thursday, October 22, you need to be careful about how you communicate with a business partner or client, for you may inadvertently come across as overly demanding. This may be due to your enthusiasm for a project, but you still have to bring things down a notch as your demeanor may be misread. Happily, on Friday you can expect wonderful career news due to the interplay of Venus and Pluto. An important assignment you've been working on will likely bring even more flattering praise.
Taurus April 20 to May 20
Sunday, October 25, brings one of the most powerful five-star aspects of 2015 for Taurus. You are ruled by Venus and on that day, Venus will conjoin Jupiter and give you special privilege in both personal or in business matters. At work, show your boss an innovative idea, or in your personal life, have a casual first meeting with an intriguing someone you met on a dating site. Act within one day (before or after) October 25. Venus and Jupiter will meet in Virgo in your fifth house of true love, so romance should sparkle. (This aspect occurs annually but in Virgo only once every twelve years, so take it seriously.) The same area of your chart rules your creative ideas, the reason you should present an idea to a VIP quickly this week. On Tuesday, October 27, the full moon in Taurus will likely crystalize a goal or relationship that is important to you, one so private and personal to you that only know what that may be. On another note, if you are invited to party on Halloween, Saturday, October 31, by all means go, for with Neptune active, the costumes are likely to be very imaginative - make yours that way too.
Gemini May 21 to June 21
The week begins with one of the most important aspects of 2015 when Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, will conjoin Venus on Sunday, October 25. This is a vibration that will bring you great success with real estate or home renovation, and help you garner substantial family support for your goals. If you are not moving, decorating, renovating, or doing extensive repairs, you might want to give a party over the weekend of October 24-25. It would allow you to show your flair for entertaining, and the mood you create would be quite beautiful under the Venus and Jupiter alignment. On Tuesday, October 27, the full moon in Taurus will stimulate your intuition, so be sure to follow your small voice within, even if you cannot pinpoint any one fact that proves that you should. Facts will surface later, so venture forth, trusting you are following the correct route. The Sun's interplay with Neptune, ruler of your house of fame, on October 30, may bring praise or publicity to your work. Your face is likely to be in the press, and if so, this particular appearance will garner you much buzz, for influential people will become aware of your achievements. Kick back on Halloween with good friends at home and watch a scary movie together.
Cancer June 22 to July 22 
Your potential for socializing and romance will be strong this week, so prepare to look your best. If you have vacation days that you can use to take a short trip with your one-and-only, this would be the week to do it. Plan your trip to extend from Saturday, October 24 through Monday, October 26. Venus in conjunction to Jupiter in your house of quick, short travel ensures this trip would bring you to an inspirational setting and allow loving feelings to flow. If you cannot travel, you may be interested in sprucing up your home. Venus' position close to Jupiter will help you locate beautiful accessories, or a handsome piece of furniture for the room you are focused on. The full moon on Tuesday, October 27, will be in Taurus and is a glorious match for your Cancer Sun. Neptune will be friendly, so the event you are likely to be invited to this week would be enchanting, with a dream-like vibration, and you would be surrounded with friends and family who love you. It is also possible that a goal you've had for a long time may culminate and allow you to capture it and hold it in your hands (so to speak) this week, much to your amazement.
Leo July 23 to Aug. 22
The week starts out with a meeting of Jupiter and Venus, sending your career stock in the marketplace sky high. You may receive exciting news from your client or other VIP about how well your performance has been received. Or, you may get an offer from a competitor to join that company. Either way, you are likely to take on more responsibility now, with a bigger title. Financially, you appear to be on the cusp of being awarded an impressive increase in income. The timing of this news is right on target because your expenses have been high ever since Mars entered Virgo late last month. This high spending trend will taper off once you get to mid-November. No matter. You are due to leave the month richer than when you entered it. Exciting career news seems to be coming to fruition within four days of the full moon, October 27. Dear Leo, dress like you already have the job, for when you meet the press, you will need to look every inch a leader. This full moon will mark your most important professional moment of 2015.
Virgo Aug. 23 to Sept. 22
Last August you entered your emerald era, a year so rare that it only occurs every twelve years. You are now the favorite sign of good fortune Jupiter, a planet that will now bestow on you all sorts of privileges. This week you will get a clue about just how privileged and lucky you are be a Virgo. Mars, Venus, and Jupiter make a dazzling alignment, and the result is likely to be substantially more money for your paycheck. You will have to do your part by presenting your case for a raise to management - stay confident. If you are self-employed, you can now bring in a lucrative, prestigious client. The full moon on October 27 may send you traveling far and wide, most likely to a city far from your base. You may go for pleasure or business - either would yield results that would make this trip a memorable success Other areas that glow for you include goals involving foreign trade and the exchange of information, goods or services, projects in publishing or broadcasting, goals that further your aim to get an advanced degree at the university, favor from the courts system, and matters dealing with immigration, residency, and citizenship.
Libra Sept. 23 to Oct. 23
Mercury, the communication planet, is now in Libra, so you'll likely be the go-to person that others come to for conflict resolution, or to brainstorm for a new idea. As Mercury opposes Uranus, the planet of unpredictability, now in your partnership sign of Aries, your partner in love or business may be quick to disagree with you, so be diplomatic. Let the steam evaporate, Libra, and you'll handle it just fine. The headline news of the week is the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter, a rare event, signifying that you will be favored in an outstanding way the moment the week takes off. When your ruling planet, Venus, is found aligned with the planet of generosity and happiness, Jupiter, as it will be on Sunday, October 25, that's news, and certainly a five-star day to watch, as Venus is your guardian planet. You can take a judicious risk this week with a better-than-usual chance of success, especially if you act early in the week. On another note, a full moon in Taurus will arrive Tuesday, October 27, a time when finances will be on your mind, and you will need to send checks and finish up paperwork. If you are artistic, you may now sell at a handsome price a product you created. Your love life should be dazzling too, so be sure to make time for that!
Scorpio Oct. 24 to Nov. 22
A powerful and rare meeting of Venus (love, luxury, fun) and Jupiter (good fortune, happiness) will occur on October 25 in Virgo and brighten your eleventh house of friendship, fun, events, and new people. This area of your chart also rules the magical concept of your deepest hopes and wishes. It is likely you will have a beautiful, memorable event to attend, populated by many attractive people, many of whom are your friends but some of whom you don't know and will want to get to know. Flowers, music, and fine food will make the setting complete. This looks to be a dress-up affair, so it could be that you will be attending a celebration, such as a wedding, lavish birthday party, or a charity fundraising gala. If you aren't heading to a party (hard to imagine, but if so), you should plan to treat yourself to a pampering experience, such as to book a spa treatment. Or, spend the day (October 24 or 25) shopping for new wardrobe items. On October 27, the full moon will arrive in your commitment / partnership / marriage sector. Neptune will perfume the air with romance, so loving, attached couples will have the advantage. You may get or give a proposal for marriage or you may do some lovely daydreaming together, the way all special wishes for the future start.
Sagittarius Nov. 23 to Dec. 21
A remarkable alignment of Venus and Jupiter will occur over the weekend of October 25 and continue to direct fabulous career vibrations to you during the first half of the week. You are likely to get career praise, or an interview with the press, among other happy professional possibilities. Venus is the natural ruler of your social house of friends, parties, events, and new contacts, so you may be attending a career-oriented mixer or party at a seminar, conference, or other professional venue that you have been anticipating for some time, and it would likely occur over the weekend of October 24-25. This alignment is so rare, it won't happen again in your career sector for twelve years. Next, the full moon in Taurus, October 27, will light your sixth house of assignments, so a project may come up for you too this week that you will either be eager to start or will now finish. If you work in the arts, working as an actor, writer, composer, painter, illustrator, costume designer, makeup artist, or other professional in the creative arts, the project should be just your cup of tea. That's because Neptune, planet of imagination, will be friendly and active at this time. October 31, Halloween, will be special this year, because the Sun and Neptune will join forces to make the outfits bring on a highly imaginative vibration. If you have children, start making their costumes early in the week to give yourself enough time to make a costume that they will always remember.
Capricorn Dec. 22 to Jan 20
The alignment of Jupiter and Venus on Sunday, October 25, will make the week a standout. Both planets will meet in your international travel sector, and it appears you may be traveling for business. If so, your discussions and presentations to VIPs will be a hit, and you will likely come back with an order or plans to work together on an exciting project. Your career will be on fire, for just about everything you touch will turn to gold. Schedule your meetings for early in the week, or send in an application or manuscript by express mail at that time. On another note, this week won't be all work, no play, by any means. October 27 will bring a full moon in Taurus in your fifth house of true love, bringing on a tender episode of great emotion and engendering touching closeness. This full moon will deliver its special message within four days of October 27. Neptune will be active, spinning a spell of beauty and grace. This could well turn out to be your happiest week of the season, and possibly of 2015.
Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb. 18
Thanks to the joining of Jupiter and Venus on October 25, you will likely hear superb financial news early in this week. A sum of money in one large payment seems to heading your way if you didn't already receive the funds over the weekend of October 24-25. If you applied for a student loan or mortgage, the generous sum of money I see for you may relate to the good news that you were approved for the loan with attractive terms. If you have not applied for a loan, you may be given a valuable (or cash) gift from a family member, or you may decide to buy a scratch-off lotto ticket and win a small cash prize. Also this week, the full moon will arrive on Tuesday, October 27, and bring a real estate, property, family, or home-related plan to fruition within four days of this date. The end of October may be moving day for you, or if you are planning to move soon, you may discover the ideal house or apartment to rent or buy - be sure to be out looking at spaces with your broker. If you are decorating your home, entertaining guests for a party, or preparing to have guests stay with you, Neptune's friendly presence will allow you to show off your considerable skills in home arts.
Pisces Feb. 19 to March 20
This week, you'll likely receive special support from a partner, in love or business, thanks to a rare alignment from Venus and Jupiter in Virgo. Some Pisces will get engaged or make exciting plans for the future. Others will be touched to hear that their business manager, agent, manager, publicist, or other professional will be going the distance for you so that you do well. Along with the attention you get from your partner, it appears a sum of money will arrive as well if it has not already arrived over the previous weekend, October 24-25. The full moon in Taurus will bring on more happy news in the week ahead. You may travel a short distance and enjoy getting a change of scene, especially if the trip allows you to enjoy a natural setting park. The third house, where this full moon will occur, rules communication as well as travel, so this week you may be unveiling a new website or blog, or you may be designing a new background for your social media page. If you sent an inquiry concerning a story you would like to write for a magazine or website, you are likely to get an acceptance. If you are a writer, you may have finished your book manuscript, with an enthusiastic response from your editor. This will be a magical week, with career progress almost assured (especially if you work in communications) and a time when you will experience great happiness in regard to a close, loving romantic relationship.

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