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Tuesday August 25, 2015

Aries March 21 to April 19
You'll feel like you can tackle anything at work today, and with the Sun and Jupiter giving you a one-two punch, you probably can! If you're looking for financing for your business, this would be a good time to research, discuss, or apply for a loan. On a separate note, if you've been struggling with ill health, this combination can bring a return to vitality. Or you might find an expert on your condition who can offer useful advice.
Taurus April 20 to May 20
Enjoy an abundance of romantic possibilities, as the Sun and Jupiter team up in your realm of true love. Restraint from Saturn will make it important to consult with your partner about plans rather than springing a surprise on him or her, however. If you're single, broadening your horizons may lead to a serious relationship. On another note, this would be an excellent time to discuss your feelings about children, as Jupiter's influence over the next twelve months will increase your opportunity to have one.
Gemini May 21 to June 21
Home will be where the heart is today, though you may be hard-pressed by work responsibilities to spend as much time there as you'd like. With the Sun and Jupiter in cahoots and influencing domestic matters, you'll be bursting with plans for entertaining, remodeling, or spending time with your family. If you've been particularly stressed at work, you may find that telecommuting or doing a project from home will prove more productive and lead to a renewed sense of purpose.
Cancer June 22 to July 22 
You'll have a million ideas, plans, and people to contact today, as the Sun moves into an alliance with Jupiter to fuel your communications sphere. Make pitches and presentations, and close on sales, as your power to inspire and persuade others will be at a peak. You will need to proceed slowly in foreign business or legal matters, however, due to the confusing influence of retrograde Neptune. If you're involved in a creative profession, this can be a wonderfully productive time, as you easily give form to your ideas.
Leo July 23 to Aug. 22
A raise or new contract may be in the works, giving you a wonderful sense of abundance. You can enjoy making plans for how you'll spend your money, but with retrograde Neptune causing some confusion in your financial sector, you may want to approach possible investments or loans with a degree of caution, no matter how enthusiastic you feel. Nonetheless, if you're considering a major purchase for your home, this would be an excellent day to research your options.
Virgo Aug. 23 to Sept. 22
As the vivid Sun and lucky Jupiter prepare to meet in Virgo tomorrow, use this wonderfully confident pairing to go after something you really want. Opportunity will be the keyword, whether you decide to make your own or you take advantage of a compelling offer. Mercury and Saturn will be perfectly aligned to increase your capacity for strategic planning and help you make important contacts. You may face delays in hearing back from people, however, so practice patience and trust that your efforts will pay off.
Libra Sept. 23 to Oct. 23
Move toward your biggest dream today, by using the power of the Sun's alliance with Jupiter to plant a seed of change that can help manifest your vision. You may need to demonstrate faith or courage in the face of doubt or fear, but taking a positive action behind the scenes - especially involving your health or work - can pay dividends in the future. Let go of any limiting beliefs holding you back and look for constructive ways to structure your time, money, and other resources.
Scorpio Oct. 24 to Nov. 22
You may feel infused with generosity today but have difficulty deciding how best to act on it. While treating your friends to a fun evening out or planning a romantic excursion for your beloved might satisfy you, it's possible that you'll want to do something that makes a difference on a larger scale. If so, the collaboration between Mercury and Saturn make this a wonderful time to gather information on charities, community projects, or philanthropic efforts that might be worthy of a greater commitment.
Sagittarius Nov. 23 to Dec. 21
Reach for success today, as the Sun conjoins your ruler Jupiter to brighten the path of your greatest ambition. You can overcome past doubts or doubters by stepping forward confidently and showing your skills in their best light. Mercury and Saturn will contribute to your efforts by helping you articulate your vision in a way that can impress those in authority. If you've had a hunch about an important next step in your career, this would be a great day to follow it.
Capricorn Dec. 22 to Jan 20
You may feel bursting with enthusiasm and ready to take on the world, perhaps through travel, publishing your work, or pursuing a course of study. While the wonderful camaraderie between the Sun and Jupiter can help you go far, tension from Saturn and Neptune will require that you practice some patience and sensitivity to make sure your words will be understood in the manner you intend. If you consult with others and incorporate their suggestions, you will be able communicate in a way that can influence the public.
Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb. 18
Good news may arrive today regarding a loan or grant you've applied for, or an investment you've made. This would also be an excellent time to apply for financing for business, home purchase, or school, or to consult with an advisor regarding your portfolio. With retrograde Neptune influencing money matters at this time, you will need to take time over decisions and clarify any points of confusion, as some details might be obscured. Nonetheless, you may benefit handsomely from the generosity of others as Jupiter joins forces with the Sun.
Pisces Feb. 19 to March 20
Enjoy a wonderful time with your partner today as Jupiter and Sun shine their high beams on your relationship sector. If you're single, your air of glamor can attract someone who is both fun and impressive. It's possible that you'll meet someone with whom you really hit it off, only to find that the timing is slightly off - possibly due to upcoming travel plans or a demanding work commitment. If so, honest communication combined with patience can help you navigate what might be only a temporary delay.

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