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Monday August 25, 2014

Aries March 21 to April 19
If you're hoping to snap up a freelance assignment, get a second job, or make a lateral move related to your current position, you'll have glorious prospects now. Today, a new moon will highlight your workaday sector. Over the next ten days, you'll want to send out resumes and schedule interviews. In other news, you'll also have a highly charged day for romance. An unexpected encounter with someone special might leave your heart pounding.
Taurus April 20 to May 20
Love may be on the horizon - and sooner than you think. Today, a perfect new moon will fall in your romance sector, setting the stage for you to meet someone special. What you'll likely adore most about this person is his or her grounded, practical approach to life, which is where you're most comfortable. If you're already in a relationship, this new moon may stimulate a discussion between you and your mate about having a child.
Gemini May 21 to June 21
Are you thinking about buying a new home or selling a piece of real estate that you currently own? If so, be sure to act in the next several days. You'll have a remarkably supportive new moon to assist you. In addition, if there's anyone you need to hire to do work around the house in preparation for selling it - or even for your own enjoyment - you'll have an easy time hiring the perfect person for the job.
Cancer June 22 to July 22 
A new writing project that you begin within the next ten days may turn into something you're quite proud of. You'll also have an incredible edge if you're negotiating terms on a contract or other agreement. If there's a decision you need to make, trust your judgment - it's extremely astute. In other news, you may have an exciting conversation with your sweetheart today; the kind that makes your heart beat a little bit faster.
Leo July 23 to Aug. 22
Now is the time to begin marketing one of your talents if you're looking to enhance your earning power. This might lead to an entirely new source of income, but it might also add to your current revenue stream. Today (and over the next ten days) you might consider asking for a raise at your current job. One way or another, a positive financial opportunity likely will come up for you.
Virgo Aug. 23 to Sept. 22
Your time has arrived. Today, a New Moon in Virgo will usher in a potent opportunity for you to enjoy a fresh start. Whatever area of your life you want to direct this can succeed now, so consider where you want that new beginning and start planting seeds of intention. You may also notice a promising development in a business or personal alliance. Someone is ready to help you succeed. Allow it.
Libra Sept. 23 to Oct. 23
Now is the time to work with extra discretion, not because you have anything to hide but because you'll likely begin a project over the next few days that will involve cultivating one of your more private talents. You might need extra time to get comfortable with the idea of revealing this ability, but there are strong indications that if you're willing to try, a reward will soon follow.
Scorpio Oct. 24 to Nov. 22
Are you thinking about opening up your social circle to discover new interests and meet new friends? If so, this will be an ideal day to make the first move. Attend a meeting at a club that has to do with an interest you've always wanted to explore. Consider meeting up with friends and asking each of them to invite someone new to your group to help widen everyone's social network. Initiate a conversation with someone you normally wouldn't. You might be pleasantly surprised.
Sagittarius Nov. 23 to Dec. 21
Your career prospects look bright. Today, a new moon will light up the top of your chart and as a result, you can anticipate taking a giant leap forward in achieving your goals. Professionally, this might turn into a promotion, honor, or other award that you are especially proud of. If you're thinking about starting your own business, the next ten days will be especially supportive to launch your endeavor. Expect success. Then, go out there and make it happen.
Capricorn Dec. 22 to Jan 20
If you've been on the fence about whether or not to pursue an advanced degree, today's new moon might be exactly what propels you forward in educational quests. This will be an ideal time to collect information on different programs, visit campuses, or even apply. Alternatively, you might feel extra thirsty to soak up knowledge by traveling abroad and experiencing culture. The more exotic the locale, the better. Go for it.
Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb. 18
This will be a perfect day to initiate a discussion with your financial advisor about changes you want to implement in your financial planning. You might want to juggle investments or make a new one. File any application for a loan, mortgage, or line of credit over the next ten days for the greatest support. In addition, if you're looking to secure venture capital for a business investment, schedule a meeting to pitch someone big. You're likely to receive what you need.
Pisces Feb. 19 to March 20
Are you thinking about taking on a new business partner? Hoping to sign on a VIP client? Are you ready to take your personal relationship to the next level and make a formal commitment? Any or all of these scenarios are possible thanks to a brilliant new moon that will fall in your relationship sector today. You'll feel confident about any alliance you form over the next ten days. Trust it.

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