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Wednesday February 25, 2015

Aries March 21 to April 19
This would be an excellent day to initiate foreign business plans or take a trip abroad. You may also discover an interest or talent in martial arts. Indeed, any structured activity will prove very beneficial to your body and health at this time. If you're involved in a legal proceeding, be careful to avoid anything that even hints of duplicity or cover-up. Taking a forthright or even assertive approach will stand you in better stead. Your dreams may be especially vivid tonight.
Taurus April 20 to May 20
You may have felt particularly sensitive to the problems of the world of late. Rather than slip into cynicism or depression, take action and volunteer for a cause that is especially meaningful to you. With the Sun's brilliant authority currently combining with Neptune's compassion, this will be a time when sharing your personal talents can be especially helpful and inspiring to others. You might even feel drawn to committing yourself to a charitable project or spiritual mission oversees.
Gemini May 21 to June 21
Creativity and imagination will be highlighted at work today and may bring you honors. Have confidence in your vision and use it to accomplish your goals. Tread a bit cautiously when dealing with an authority figure, however. While everything may appear wonderful, you may not yet see the whole picture. On the personal front, this would be an excellent time to introduce your friends to your significant other. If you're single, joining a club, charity, or community group may lead to a serious relationship.
Cancer June 22 to July 22 
Ratchet up your efforts on the career front for the next few days. With energetic Mars receiving assistance from structured Saturn, you can combine initiative with organization to accomplish a huge amount of work. Staying focused, reliable, and productive may bring you honors and accolades. You might be inspired to seek a wider audience or develop a foreign market. If so, refrain from formalizing any agreements at this time. Instead, concentrate on expressing your vision to others and inspiring their enthusiasm for your efforts.
Leo July 23 to Aug. 22
The Sun, your ruler, combines with Neptune today to deepen your sensitivity and imagination. The challenge will be to find ways to harness this energy rather than being satisfied with the fantasy. The key will be in taking concrete actions to express your dreams and visions instead of keeping them locked away in your own heart and mind. Doing something active, whether taking a spontaneous trip or participating in a sport, can help you channel this energy and manifest your creativity. This may also usher in a serious romance.
Virgo Aug. 23 to Sept. 22
You and your partner will be especially sensitive to each other today. Romantic gestures will be appreciated and sharing your dreams with each other can be effortless. Music, film, dancing, or wine tasting may be particularly enjoyable this evening. This might also be a day when you take steps to formalize your relationship or begin building a home or family together. If you're single, spending time with family, taking a cooking class, or heading to the home improvement store may bring someone powerfully attractive into your life.
Libra Sept. 23 to Oct. 23
Your relationship will benefit greatly from serious discussions and shared activities. If you want to meet someone, or get to know someone better, use the welcome collaboration between Saturn and Mars to put plans into action. Initiate a conversation, help with a neighborhood project, or join an online dating service. On the work front, you may be especially confident and inspired at your job, but be sure to double-check any contracts. This would be a good day to treat your co-workers or employees to something special.
Scorpio Oct. 24 to Nov. 22
With responsible Saturn influencing money matters and sparking with dynamic Mars, the next few days will be prime time for pursuing lucrative work. Whether you're seeking new projects, changing jobs, or desiring a raise, it's time for action. The one caution is to avoid getting carried away with grandiose visions or promises you might not deliver. Your imagination and creativity will be at a peak, but use it to creatively harness your resources and maximize your efforts. Then treat yourself to a movie, opera, or magic show to unwind.
Sagittarius Nov. 23 to Dec. 21
The next few days may hold some serious delights, thanks to Saturn influencing your realm of pleasure. First, however, the prosaic news: You might need to deal with a leak or plumbing situation that can't be ignored. That said, this will be an excellent time to initiate a new romance or make a commitment to your love. If you have a vision of a home or family, this may be the time to think about settling down. Attending the theater, ballet, or a basketball game may attract a prospective partner.
Capricorn Dec. 22 to Jan 20
You may have a vision of the home you want that's so real you can almost taste it. If so, take action toward making it a reality. Make notes, find pictures, create collages, go house hunting. Although you tend to prefer concrete facts and figures, this is a day when your intuition will be especially powerful. Let your imagination roam and share your creative ideas no matter how unrealistic they appear. You may discover that you've inspired someone in authority or that you've dissolved an old barrier to success.
Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb. 18
If you're looking for a position of responsibility in a group you belong to or charity you're involved with, it's time to communicate your interest and bring your qualifications to people's attention. You may be able to accomplish a lot with just a few phone calls. This would also be a good day to check in with a friend who's been going through a difficult time. Your kind words and support will mean more than you'll ever know. Planning an activity with them would be even better.
Pisces Feb. 19 to March 20
Your unique talents will be on display today, as the Sun powers up Neptune in your sphere of personality. In fact, your star may shine so brightly that your acute sensitivity picks up some resistance, or even envy, from someone in authority. Don't allow anything to dim your light, however. You're in the position to make strategic moves that can bring financial rewards and greater status to your career. This may even involve seeking out a new position at a higher salary.

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