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Saturday June 25, 2016

Aries March 21 to April 19
Accolades may come your way this weekend as Jupiter and Pluto join forces in a way that can have a stunning effect on your career. It's possible that someone you meet will mention a tremendous opportunity for you or that a VIP will take notice of your skills and unique gifts. Think about the kinds of changes you want to make and the chances you're willing to take. You have the power to transform yourself professionally if you're willing to grab the brass ring!
Taurus April 20 to May 20
What a wondrous weekend for romance! You can enjoy both the playfulness and passion of love as Jupiter and Pluto come together to transform your romantic world. If you're single, you might form an intense connection with someone you meet at an arts gala, political rally, or destination wedding. Travel will prove transformative, and you may fall in love with a place or person you encounter while journeying abroad or make a life-changing decision with your significant other.
Gemini May 21 to June 21
If you've been searching for a new home, the alliance between Jupiter and Pluto this weekend may bring you exactly what you want at the perfect price. You may have the best luck if you expand your parameters, as a gem might lie hidden just beyond your usual hunting ground. This would also be an excellent time to search for investment properties or to put your place on the market. If you've applied for a loan or mortgage, you might receive approval for a greater amount than you expected.
Cancer June 22 to July 22 
Share what's in your heart and watch your relationship change profoundly for the better, as generous Jupiter will join hands with passionate Pluto. This would be an excellent weekend to propose, plan a wedding, or discuss merging your finances. You may meet a potential partner by circulating in your neighborhood, exploring local attractions, or taking a class or workshop. On a professional note, this would be a fortuitous time to sign contracts or plan expansion strategies with your business partner.
Leo July 23 to Aug. 22
Work this weekend can dramatically lift your finances, thanks to the wonderful collaboration between Jupiter and Pluto. You may have a deep insight into how to transform your business that can prove very lucrative, or meet a VIP who will offer you a tremendous career opportunity. It's also possible that you'll decide to make a big change of jobs that can offer a far greater potential for financial success. If you're currently seeking employment, your efforts during the next few days might land you a terrific position.
Virgo Aug. 23 to Sept. 22
Grab your confidence with both hands, put yourself out there, and watch your love life transform this weekend! Powerful Pluto influencing your romantic realm will join forces with lucky Jupiter in Virgo to further your quest for true love. Take the lead in planning an unforgettable time with your significant other, or you might meet someone wonderful at gala, theater event, charity ball, or exclusive soiree. Your efforts toward having a child can also meet with great success in the next few days.
Libra Sept. 23 to Oct. 23
Dream big this weekend! The power of Pluto harnessed to Jupiter can help you change your life in a fundamental way. This will prove especially effective in matters concerning your home or family life, though it would also be an excellent time to overcome an unwelcome habit or outdated belief. If you've already decided to move, you might find your dream house or apartment. On a related note, an act of generosity or compassion can heal a family rift.
Scorpio Oct. 24 to Nov. 22
Your words will have a dramatic effect on people this weekend, which can expand your field of influence. Speaking to a large group or charity, publishing online, posting on social media, or making a sales pitch to an organization would be among the many ways that you can prove highly persuasive and raise your profile. This would also be an excellent time to come up with business strategies or negotiating tactics. Look to close an important deal in the next few days, while Jupiter and Pluto fuel each other's power.
Sagittarius Nov. 23 to Dec. 21
The collaboration between powerful Pluto and generous Jupiter has been slowly transforming your financial sphere for the better though opportunities for advancement. This weekend, another wonderful piece will fall into place, putting you on the road to greater wealth. It's possible that you will meet a VIP who can open the door to a lucrative deal. You may receive a monetary reward in recognition of your many accomplishments or a cause that you've championed.
Capricorn Dec. 22 to Jan 20
You can gain a more powerful identity after this weekend, thanks to the alliance of expansive Jupiter with Pluto in Capricorn. This might come about through something you publish that strikes a deep chord with the public. You may also have a life-changing encounter while traveling that will broaden your horizons in the best way possible. You might receive great news about your academic career as a either student or professor, or learn that you've claimed a legal victory or generous settlement.
Aquarius Jan 21 to Feb. 18
With Pluto and Jupiter teaming up to benefit your financial sphere this weekend in an outstanding way, spend some time focused on your portfolio, retirement accounts, and jointly held finances. You may uncover a terrific investment opportunity or receive good news on a loan application. The next three days will be an outstanding time to apply for grants, funding, or mortgages. You may also make the acquaintance of a powerful investor who would be interested in a business proposition you have to offer.
Pisces Feb. 19 to March 20
A magnificent opportunity to transform your relationship for the better will emerge this weekend. The collaboration between Jupiter and Pluto can have a long-lasting and positive effect on your future with someone you love, bringing out the best in both of you. You and your significant other may decide to live together, get married, have children, or purchase a home together. If you're single, you might meet a potential partner with whom you feel a profound connection, perhaps at a political fundraiser, charity auction, or exclusive club.

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